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The new casino boss invited the Public Security Bu

Dispatch of our newspaper PingxiangShi Jun Liang Leiyu Huang Jilian reporters: new casino boss phoned the police commissioner ,invited the gambling ,police entrapment ,induced the meet .
Yesterday morning, the Pingxiang Municipal Public Security Bureau Anyuan branch east station successfully destroyed a underground electronic game machine gambling dens .Call police chief gamble on November 14th afternoon ,is the work of the Anyuan District Deputy Governor ,the Anyuan public security bureau director Yang Keqi received a strange telephone man, who calls the wrong phone number ,will Jahnke ,mistakenly believe that the acquaintance ,an address each other as brothers ,to come the electricity people invited Yang Keqi to the newly opened place .
A play .Yang Keqi realized that the caller is likely to run a underground games gambling establishments ,and will ,to cross-examine place .But the caller is very alert ,make an ambiguous statement is unwilling to say specific locations .
With each other to juggle ,both sides agreed that evening in the city in front of the cinema joint .The police arrest flush down the phone, Yang Keqi immediately deployed on involving gambling den point and work ,decide the case by the big East police in charge of jurisdiction .
Big East police station immediately called in the police ,launched investigation work .At about 21 that night ,the police station police all at the scene monitoring points in place ,but the cunning criminal suspects who didn .
Twenty-one thirty ,Yang Keqi by telephone contact with each other ,see .The suspect with pedestrians on the road for cover ,appears in the appointed place ,ambushing police science screening ,sprang to cross-examine ,Christian Louboutin Ireland,suspects to be caught off guard ,caught in the net of justice .
Police again ambush ,successfully captured one to gamble gambler .This evidence, gambling dens completely unmasked .Seized the gambling machine 8 units it is understood ,Chen suspects opened underground Games Casino located Yang Chong Lane in a remote residential building on the third floor ,very secret .
Yesterday morning, police at the scene were seized line gambling machine two groups 8,captured the gambler 4.At present, Chen suspects have been detained ,gamble all staff office of public security punishment ,gambling machines were destroyed, the case is in further investigation .
To share: welcome to comment I want to comment micro-blog recommended today micro-blog hot mother dropped over death sentence for the negligence of probation daughter killed has been spoiled daughter ,blame myself ,41 year-oldAqiao gray hair ,looked much older .
Liwan court finds its system fault lethal and plot ,Aqiao cry to faint convicted twice Video : daughter to mother ask for compensation was accidentally suffocated his quarrel source :Southern Television today s writing / Photography :a new express reporter Huang Qiong correspondent Sui law publicity Lai law announce 16 year old daughterto mother buy Apple Computer and ask for thousands of Yuan apology fee failed unexpectedly ,mother strike violently ,Louboutin Pas cher,dispute is mother accidentally suffocated .
Recent reports of this family tragedy cause social height attention .Yesterday morning ,the Liwan Court on the case to a sentence ,the mother Aqiao does not hurt daughter intentionally, taking into account their surrender ,husband to intercede and home repair ,the light was sentenced to three years imprisonment, suspended for five years .
Won hockey day to go home, but yesterday Aqiao still sad tears ,more two times faint field .Find her after playing 110,120alarmthe court found ,at the age of 41, the defendant Aqiao and 16 year-oldvictim Xiao Yu ( both a pseudonym ) of the mother-daughter relationship .
This year in August 18th 20 when make,because Xiao Yu asked to buy Apple Computer and demanded 5900 yuanapology fee ,and Takumi at home living room dispute .Xiao Yu first beatings Takumi, both then mutual tearing entanglement, meanwhile a skillful use of feet down Xiao Wei ,it fell to the ground and facial patch in a square cushion .
After falling to the ground ,Xiao Wei still continued to abuse Qiao ,Qiao Xiao Wei was sitting in the back ,hands on its head to prevent abuse ,until it didn sound so far .After the discovery of Xiao Wei washed-up ,Aqiao immediately dial 110 and 120 for help,but after the rescue Xiao Wei has been found no signs of life .
After Aqiao active surrender and the confession of his crime .Husband and working unit has six argued letter earlier, that the prosecution of Takumi intentionally harm others and caused one death ,christian louboutin pas cher,the act constitutes a crime of intentional injury .
But after the incident ,Qiao husband and family ,work units and submit six copies with the letter ,christian louboutin,request the sentence .The husband said in the letter Aqiao for as an understanding wife and loving mother ,love home love husband loves his daughter more than I love myself, they treat her brother make all-out efforts satisfactory ;and a daughter ,the couple PDA ,but unruly ,often scolding parents .
He has lost her daughter ,I also could not bear to blame his wife ,he interceded with the court ,in hopes of its time ,let two people tide over the difficulties .Judges law why convicted of negligent crime ?The court found :no injury intentionally court finally identified ,Takumi and daughter Xiao Yu occurred for some reason during a dispute about Xiao Yu life safety ,Christian Louboutin Ireland,lack of attention ,causing its death ,the act constitutes a crime of negligence causing death .
In view of the fact that Takumi voluntarily surrender and the confession of the facts of the crime ,voluntary surrender system ,may be given a lighter punishment .At the same time ,its behavior has also been the husband understanding ,at their discretion, lighter punishment .
In addition ,according to Aqiao repentance ,their units ,residential community as well as the views on family relationships of repair ,the probation to the community without adverse effects ,thus making the probation sentence .
Why the final negligence causing death crime ,rather than earlier alleged crime of intentional injury ?Yesterday the court, Liwan court in charge of criminal justice vice president Luo Weicheng expresses to the reporter ,after the scene investigation and injury identification ,on the Xiao Yu body injury for contusion ,not deliberately caused by beatings ,also not due to intentional injury as a result of serious ,fatal injury .
This proves that Takumi is deliberately hurt daughter Xiao Yu behavior ,the death is due to Takumi behavior caused by negligence .Combined with Takumi unit proof ,Xiao Wei attended school teacher and I have a testimony of the bank card ,can be confirmed Aqiao couple to Xiao Wei very much ,grow to its attention ,and regardless of their economic conditions allow it to spend money on situation exists .
Therefore ,Takumi in daughter Xiao Yu growth in the process of education way is improper ,excessive doting ,but no harm to the subjective intention .The trial featured on probation No comments ,no appeals 10daysdidn eat Aqiao once cry to faint at about 9 am yesterday ,Aqiao was being escorted to the court ,immediately agitated begin to weep ,Christian Louboutin Pas cher,but once .
The reporter understands ,after the incident has been depressed Takumi in house of detention has been more than 10 daysdid not make good eating ,extreme physical weakness .To placate her mood ,the court also invited psychological doctor for more than 40 minutes before the trial treatment .
For the avoidance of Takumi mood fluctuation is too large ,Louboutin Ireland,to advance more than ten minutes to .Be being helped in Takumi is low head ,in the dock after sitting down, only low head sad tears .
Sentence does not start for ten minutes ,Aqiao suddenly head one crooked splash fell to the ground ,five or six marshals have stepped forward ,be stood up ,but her closed eyes ,cheeks side still glistening residual tears .
While the gallery Mr. Zhong also be frightened and change color ,washed up on the front row for their delivery on oil ,the bailiff in the temple ,and the middle points at the coated drug oil ,good while Takumi before long waking .
Awake after Takumi still cry ,Christian Louboutin Ireland,for fear of its physical state ,the presiding judge, also accelerated the judgment read speed .Hear about the daughter in the testimony ,Aqiao cried .Finally, sentenced to get probation ,face the judge asked ,Aqiao took a deep breath ,said ,not to appeal .
The victim since 11 years old do card spending grew up ,family visits found :parents always spoil spoiled daughter of dispatch of new wall bulletin is presiding the case is the court of Liwan juvenile court judge in criminal cases housing more than 20 years, in the case of family tragedies is still saddened .
Real court long has repeatedly and Takumi talks, visits Takumi couple unit ,community ,neighborhood ,and daughter Xiao Yu school .More people witness testimony were confirmed ,Qiao family paid a lot, not only love loving daughter ,two people of husband and wife relationship is also very good .
Neighbors said too spoiled, not the left daughter spend a neighbor to reflect, the couple is too spoiled child, daughter of money Renhua ,husband and wife are financially .After the incident ,the father at home found 5daughtercard .
Xiao Yu debit card is run in 2006, when she was only 11 years old ,then the card consumption in 100 general .But in 2010 ,card consumer credit started to grow ,over thousand yuan ,because this Xiao Wei has been first got hooked on online shopping .
The day before the August 17th this year ,Xiao Wei debit card with more than 6336 yuan ,but to the day 12,have been drawing 6000 multivariate,balance is only 8 yuan .It is understood ,Aqiao couple pre-tax income is less than million, but can give her $1700 monthly pocket money .
The teacher said no money no power, she scorns the wets his father taught Xiao Yu a middle school teacher to provide testimony says ,Xiao Wei in the 2007 to 2010during the schoolwas good, but the study result is not good .
The teacher had a talk with Xiao Wu ,father is very talented, was graduated from the prestigious university ,Xiao Yu has said X X university is nothing ,no power ,no money ,a lot of people than he is rich .
See Xiao Yu despised his father .The repetition of the class and the teacher to provide testimony that ,Xiao Wei strong personality .To repeat ,Xiao Wei on learning very nervous ,continue to rise ,the teacher respect ,but the poor relationship between students .
If there are students to affect her studies, she will fight ,kicking, will use coarse words bad language .Senior high school entrance examination this year ,Xiao Yu thinks his senior high school entrance examination scores high ,not willing to be the school admission ,so often go back to school around the teacher .
Takumi also call and ask the teacher for help communication ,let Xiao Yu to accept the report admitted into the school reality .Mother said self-indulgence ,buy computer to apologize fee and Takumi is that on the night of the murder ,Xiao Wei for the purchase of apple computer ,in fact she had promised ,Louboutin Ireland,but the daughter that she secretly view its bank card found more than 6300 yuan isthere is not much left.
He ,are required to give 5900 yuan fee is its refusal to apologize .Later ,Xiao Wei began to scold her ,in the living room began to beat her ,and took out a knife ... ... According to introduction ,Louboutin Ireland,the night before ,because two people quarrel husband Mr.
inserted the word daughter ,you have to tell mother truth ,immediately also endured Xiao Wei hand a few .In addition ,bad-tempered Xiao Yu once three times burning my parents ,burning her clothes .
The two weeks ago, in three the door locks are engaged ... ... Xiao Yu also frequently to his parents for his money ,Xiao Wei also forbade them to use the kitchen next to the toilet ,with one to 500 yuan.
.. ... The doctor said wrong to kill her daughter ,mother heart bank yesterday before the court ,senior psychotherapist Liu Yubin by the court commissioned to Aqiao ,carried out psychological intervention .
She said ,lost their beloved daughter ,while the killers are themselves ,this is a clever mind the greatest hom .Although the entire process Aqiao are excited to cry ,but she has learned, to their education is not successful .
Liu Yubin thinks ,Aqiao biggest flaw is ,to the child too indulgent .The children appreciate education is not desirable ,but simply to meet become spoiled, useless to children .Liu Yubin thinks ,a pressing matter of the moment is to help Takumi to set life goals ,while Takumi also needs to face the reality ,to accept the lesson ,and reflect on their own .
She said yesterday ,in front of the court in 40 minutes is very limited ,the future will continue to follow this case .To share: welcome to comment I want to comment micro-blog recommended
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Stop thief stealing a car owner wrist were cut off 2 men with co

The injured Mr. Zhang treated in hospital yesterday from Sichuan ,Zhang Guoliang came to the road of an agricultural bank ,ready to give money home .He will electric car stopped in front of the bank, a thief prizing lock ,Zhang Guoliang stepped forward to stop, but was cut out of the thief associates with one hand .
Bank Security says it is inside the bank ,pay no attention to what is happening outside .A passer-by with van Zhang Guoliang will be sent to Affiliated Hospital ,and help to hang on .The doctor says ,Zhang Guoliang has basically been cut off ,even together ,is also likely to necrosis ,with amputation risk .
Stop the car was the black thing cut the hand road a agricultural bank business hall door, pull up the blue line ,an electric car quietly stopped at the roadside ,blood red electric car seat and the vehicle lock .
The doctor opened the bag in Zhang Guoliang wrist gauze ,sighed :very serious, all broken .Just in front of the bank ,Zhang Guoliang stolen car thief cut off hand .Zhang Guoliang is a man in Kunming Sichuan ,carpenter ,yesterday afternoon, he came to the road of an agricultural bank business hall ,ready for the father to send medical expenses .
He will be electric cars parked in front of the bank ,the lock .In the operating room of the ATM before waiting ,Zhang Guoliang looked back at his car ,see a young boy in his own car lock lever .
Zhang Guoliang rushed out .What would you do .Zhang Guoliang cried ,Christian Louboutin Pas cher,then ,next to punch out 3 otherboys ,took a black object ,to the Zhang Guoliang hit back, Zhang Guoliang instinctively use hand to block, blood will spray out .
Black stuff pack ,I didn is a knife .Zhang Guoliang said at the hand went to the side and above the blood ,he realized it was a knife cut .4 thieves rushed out and started running .
Zhang Guoliang said he called the bank ,Louboutin Pas cher,but the latter does not come out to help .Security has said he did not pay attention to what is happening outside .The van driver help not be cut down, pass by one who help with will Zhang Guoliang spurting blood wrists tied up .
The crowd was reported to the police ,and help is called the car .On the opposite side of the road in the obstetrics and gynecology hospital had a simple dressing ,because of a medical condition is not enough, Zhang Guoliang riding a van to peoples hospital .
Enthusiastic van owners to help him in the emergency department registered ,pay the registration fee ,when Zhang Guoliang to the hospital, the van owners before leaving .Van owners did not leave their names ,there is no need to pay the cost of .
Zhang Guoliang says ,he has no relatives in Kunming ,home of the father is ill in hospital ,the children still at school ,is the wife of a personal care ,he dare to put the injured news home ,only called in Kunming a few friends to help .
According to the doctor initial diagnosis ,the Zhang Guoliang injury is very serious ,left wrist blood vessels ,reinforcement ,all broken bones ,only part of the skin connected .At present, the doctor can do is try to pick up Zhang Guoliang ,but the operation difficulty ,connection of the hand may not survive ,if the necrosis ,Zhang Guoliang will face the risk of amputation .
Yu Xiangchun of our newspaper reporter / text news reporter Sun Bing / map to share: welcome to comment I want to comment micro-blog recommended today micro-blog hot the suspect identified for abstract drugs cold medicine ( Remake of photo ) .
IC Post reporter Li Kecheng Intern Yang Hailiang because of drug addiction, Jiangsu two after 80 male youth in 3 bought 800boxes ofcold medicine new Kangtai Ke ,and to extract the 95 grams of ice.
Post reporter yesterday from Nanjing city was informed that the Lishui county court ,the court of Jiangsu cold medicine for drug trafficking case has been tried ,two people died from the cold medicine extract methamphetamine raw materials ,were sentenced to 15 years in prison .
To prevent illegal drug extracted from cold drug raw materials ,early in 2008 the country feeds medical inspect bureauallotted ,namely the major pharmacies at a time can only sell 5 boxescontaining EA-containing compound drugs (mostly cold medicine ) drugs .
The case of the two defendants are easily from many pharmacies to buy large quantities of the new contac .Illegal a purchase of 400 boxes ofof the purchase of according to the complaint, 2011April,Jiangsu men Wang and men through the network to meet ,discuss the partnership for manufacturing ice methamphetamine .
In early 20116,two people in Nanjing, Lishui rental housing ,3from Zhenjiang,Jurong ,Nanjing Lishui and other places to buy more than 800 boxes of compound pseudoephedrine hydrochloride sustained release capsules ( i.
e. the new Contac cold medicine ) ,and the use of equipment ,reagents refining raw ephedrine precursor .Prosecutors identified ,Louboutin Outlet,two people together to create 95 grams of ice.Recently ,the Lishui County Court on this case made a sentence ,given the two defendant is first offence ,and pleaded guilty to justice after good attitude ,two per capita leniently sentenced to 15 years imprisonment ,Christian Louboutin Outlet,deprivation of political rights for 5 years ,confiscation of property 50000 yuan.
In the trial ,two of the defendants confessed purchasing experience in detail :first ,two people in Lishui and ran seven or eight pharmacies ,buy more than 100 boxes ;Chen, second ,to Nanjing ,Jurong and other places, buy 200 boxes;last ,Chen asked a friend to contact a Lishui pharmacy ,a time bought two boxes of 400box.
Awkward violation pharmacy cannot punishment in 2008 Novemberthe State Food and Drug Administration issued the on the further strengthening of EA-containing compound drugs management notice ( commonly known as the drug ) ,Nanjing city also made :a one-time sale of more than 5 boxes of medicine shop purchase of medicines ,the customer is required to police station certificates ,identity registration .
However ,in this case ,the two defendants from pharmacies most disposable bought 400 boxes .It is understood afterward ,this drugstore did not register to purchase information ,and even the drug use and to have not asked .
The date, this drugstore is not punished .To this, the Nanjing food and Drug Administration of work safety supervision ,high-strength says ,bureau of national medicine inspect only issued a restriction notice ,did not publish specific penalties ,so supervision has certain difficulty .
According to his introduction ,Lishui manufacturing . after the incident ,the two urban medical inspect branch to call special meetings were studied ,but turn over the present laws and regulations ,can not find a punishment basis ,Louboutin Ireland,and finally had to order the drugstore to correct ,to make a decision on punishment .
The presiding judge of the county court has also said ,to medical inspect branch issued a judicial suggestions: for containing narcotic ,stimulants may drugs OTC ,recommend limiting the purchase ,abnormal transaction to the real-name registration ,and pay close attention to drug use and to notify the public security organ ,abnormal .
Nanjing Health Department said ,preparing them to be containing ephedrine ingredients be restricted to buy drugs into special medicine system ( mainly narcotic drugs and psychotropic drugs ) .
In the future, the temporary pharmacy sales of this kind of of the purchase ,data will be reported ,accept supervision .&nbsp ;to share: welcome to comment I want to comment micro-blog recommended
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Sichuan female chief drunken rape defendants argued that adulter

SichuanPengan female chief drunk by the County FIMITIC director rape on the new bulletin news reporter Liu Hu reported in October 19th in Pengan County ,Sichuan Province Anjian bureau chief in a woman working at noon after being drunk ,the deputy director of the Bureau of Zhang Sen County FIMITIC director Liu Xiquan sent into a hotel ,and was suspected by Liu Xiquan rape ,mental abnormality .
Hotel the surveillance tape of the Liu hold athymia female chief into the room the whole process (the newspaper reported on October 31st ) .On December 15th, Liu Xiquan sat on suspicion of rape in Pengan county court dock .
Liu was detained on October 21st ,October 31st was approved the arrest .In November 21st, Pengan County Public Security Bureau will be transferred to the Pengan County procuratorate for examination and prosecution .
Pengan county court is not a public hearing of the case .Prosecutors alleged in court :in October 19th 12 when make,Louboutin Pas cher,defendant Liu Xiquan invited the white (a pseudonym) and others in the old Mongolian gazelle theme restaurant, banquet ,Liu Xiquan white ,et al.
Toast each other .At two thirty in the afternoon ,white ,become unconscious ,Liu Xiquan and others brought to bright Valley Le Grand Large Hotel room 8812 roomto rest .Liu in the white alone, while the white drunken sleep machine, the adultery .
Prosecutors appealed the court of the confession of the accused ,the victim ,site investigation report ,identification conclusion and the testimony of witnesses .On the court, Liu Xiquan defended only adultery ,not to rape .
Prosecutors presented evidence indicates that ,Christian Louboutin Ireland,in the few months before both with and without any contact and contact ,two are not ambiguous relationship .Liu Xiquan is also presented, he is drunk unconscious behavior .
But the evidence suggests that ,on the afternoon of the same day at about 5 ,a friend called Liu Xiquan ,Liu said he in a hotel and a woman to sleep ,he prepared to return a ( Sichuan words ,namely : come again ) ,so prosecutors to prove his consciousness was clear ,with the capacity to act .
The court did not court sentencing .Because the victim Bai about the physical condition of the identification has not come out, it fails to file an incidental civil action .Victims family says ,to have identification conclusion ,will propose separate civil compensation .
To share: welcome to comment I want to comment micro-blog recommended micro-blog hot today ( Editor: SN025 )men hijack nurses ( WEB ) self-mutilation men hijacked for nurses in Shenzhen state after Luohu police one hour after successfully rescued the hostages ,no one was injured Yangcheng Evening News reporter Shi Hua reported :1 days morning,Shenzhen Luohu District people department ,a being treated men suddenly out of control ,hand held scissors hijacking of a nurse .
After the incident ,the Luohu police rushed to the scene ,deadlocked for an hour later, the nurse is rescued ,the suspect by the police control .No one was injured in the incident .Hijack a man shouting should not save me on the morning of 1, the reporter received tips to the people ,a large number of police gathered in front of the hospital ,the hostages have been safely ,the police are on-site treatment follow-up .
According to eyewitnesses ,about nine thirty in the morning ,in the Department of emergency infusion hall entrance hallway ,Louboutin Ireland,a man with a hand hold a nurse in the neck ,the other a hand and a medical scissors .
Men mood is very unstable ,seems to be hit ,always make a hullabaloo about ,during the shout to see the police .Because the hospital is near the police station ,Christian Louboutin Pas cher,police quickly rushed to the scene ,to appease the emotional man .
Hospital leadership after hearing the news ,will soon come out ,to persuade men don .Witnesses say ,ten fifteen in the morning ,the hospital leader pulls out his phone so that men call friends ,men attention somewhat relaxed ,taking advantage of this time ,two police immediately rushed to seize the man hands scissors ,security will be hostage rescue .
Men are uniform ,still beating ,and yelled damn hospital ,should not save me ,then the man police forcibly pulled a police car to leave the scene .It is understood ,hijacked nurse was not injured ,but the frightened .
Further police investigation event reason Luohu police subsequently to the media about the case :the preliminary understanding, the man surnamed Cao ,30,Gansu ,late on March 31st at Luohu port area after drunken self-harm were sent to the Luohu people emergency surgery and hospital .
On the same day the man after drinking the emotion ,said the hospital should not save him, and in a nurse for the dressing change when the nurse hijack .The police reported ,for the safety of hostage rescue, police station director Li Bing to lead the police and the man talks non-stop ,Christian Louboutin Outlet,stabilize the emotional man ,ten fifteen am, the negotiators finally to call their friends ,transfer the men attention ,and quickly came off its hands scissors to be down to the ground ,successfully rescued the hostages .
The man treated after the hospital uneventfully after being back to the police station investigation .Then ,reporters call the Luohu police asked the man whether mental abnormality .Police said the need for identification ,the specific reasons also need further investigation .
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The gang kidnaps another person driving hit the po

The new bulletinnews reporter Ye Yixian reported that police in Dongguan reported yesterday, yesterday morning police shootings took place in the event ,prosecutors that police shot legitimate ,legal procedure .
According to police states ,March 5th at two fifty in the morning ,Dongguan Songshan Lake Public Security Bureau police station received something red alarm ,Christian Louboutin Ireland,his brother Qin in Liaobu town garden by several men kidnapped ,and was forcibly taken to Matsuyama lake a door of the hotel, families were required to use 100000 yuan of foreclosure .
On March 5th at three forty in the morning ,police found 10 suspectsin a hotel at the entrance to control the Qin Mou ,on-site police quickly to arrest suspects .The suspect found things out, among them 7 suspects jumped on a van driving away ,the police show identity ,ordered its parking ,who did not listen to advice, driving fast against the police .
The police fired warning shots in the void ,threatens the safety of the situation ,decisive to the front drive shot ,wounded gangsters ,stopped cars ,has arrested 10 gangsters.It is understood ,was shot the suspect Zhang Mouhui ( male, 31 years old,Henan Xiping county) and the hand cuts suspect Liu Mouxing ( male, 26 years old,Christian Louboutin Pas cher,Hunan Guiyang county) was rushed to the hospital ,have no life danger .
After the incident ,the Dongguan Municipal Public Security Bureau immediately sent the discipline ,legal officers to the scene .Dongguan procuratorial agency also immediately on the spot reconnaissance .
To share: welcome to comment I want to comment micro-blog recommended today micro-blog hot an entrenched in our city ,Christian Louboutin Outlet,in passenger transport market ,folk trade ,deliberately smashed intimidation criminal underworld organization ,finally coming to an end .
On November 22nd, the Jis Court of final judgment, to detect extremely hard and bitter lawsuit drew a satisfactory full stop .In the fight against evil forces ,the Ji captured criminal underworld organization member 37, cracked ,intentional injury ,affray affray ,blackmail and impose exactions on ,illegal detention ,robbery and other types of 78 cases,Louboutin Pas cher,with period of a member of a criminal organization headed by the 26weresentenced to 16 years ,14to 1 yearsyears of imprisonment ranging .
Nearly 100 Hotelfighting back to July 13, 2008 ,nearly a hundred in the affray ,broke the calm of the past of Pingyin county .On the morning of the same day ,county is located in the eastern part of Yanjing Le Grand Large Hotel near suddenly there are a lot of people ,at the door and go around, then dispersed to the periphery of the hotel or the inside corner .
Afternoon ,four cars from the road on the north side of them, stop at Yanjing Le Grand Large Hotel entrance ,Christian Louboutin Pas cher,then more than 10 young menout of the car ,in a threatening manner to enter the hotel .
Subsequently,Louboutin Ireland, and a short man took more than 10 mento a private room in the hotel .The quarrel is more and more big ,even hand .Then,Louboutin Pas cher, originally the ambush in the hotel around more than 80 men began holding Guan Gong knife ,iron bars ,machetes ,pickaxe handle tools such as rushed into Yanjing Le Grand Large Hotel, around the early into the hotel of more than 10 people were beaten .
At the same time ,this group of men will be in front of the Buick car business ,the Passat sedan ,the car smashed .The affray ,injured ,influence is very abominable .Received a report ,Ji and Pingyin County Public Security Bureau police detachment to deploy capable forces to form a special group ,gets involved in the affray to segment a headed ,to Ding ,Zhang ,often a ,Section A ,Sun Mou ,Jiao as the backbone of the black evil force crime group large amount of illegal crime clues .
Hit out in all directions captured criminal group backbone January 12, 2009 ,project group of more than 50 police in PingyinCounty Public Security Bureau massed ,hit out in all directions ,captured the backbone member Jiao and members of his gang Zhao ,Li and other 6 suspects.
Section A and a ,d a backbone members escape on getting wind of the matter .Project group of side force to have captured personnel process instance ,side force on the fugitive arrest .
In January 27, 2009 thegang members ,often a section of a backbone ,sun mou .A few days later, the police task force has been captured by members of the organization ,Liu Mourui Feng Moulin ,ginger Mouyuan ,christian louboutin pas cher,Jin a people .
Subsequently, the project group began to focus on a capture section layout .Through the days of careful investigation and touch the rows of leads ,project group of acquisition segments a fled Chongqing cues ,and immediately arranged for police to Chongqing to arrest .
In February 24, 2009, police in Chongqing police support that section A and their friends at a Chongqing restaurant ,immediately rushed to the hotel ,one section of a captured and tissue backbone member ding .
On March 9, 2009, the police task force to work through the discovery of the organization backbone member Zhang appears in the Ji vicinity, then organized for their arrest ,Zhang attempts to escape during driving ,driving force by police firing stops in roadside ,ultimately captured .
So far ,the criminal organization core members were all arrested .In passenger transport market control of timber trading according to the many suspects confession ,Yanjing Le Grand Large Hotel affray case clear .
The original section of a criminal group ,Sun Mou for trivia and backbone of Pingyin Chen Mou ( male, 19 years old,no industry ) dispute, Sun Mou feel to eat to have a deficit ,revenge .
He talks to Chen and Chen met name ,cheat ,in the section of a direct command, entangled seventy or eighty people lying in Yanjing Le Grand Large Hotel surrounding the negotiations failed ,Christian Louboutin Ireland,mauled by Chen et al .
In addition ,according to the public security organs to verify ,in 2008 December foraggressive ,section a ganged Ding et al will be the victim of a head shot weeks ;by the end of 2008, core members of a section of a formation of coke on the strong position of gang members ,assembled in Pingyin passenger transport market ,civil disputes and economic disputes ,wounded many others ;members of his gang Yoon He Feng et al by kidnapping ,intimidation, threats to control the timber trading .
Since 2004, the suspect section successively operating in Pingyin Sheng Xin Hotel KTV ,weeks foot shop ,Christian Louboutin Ireland,Western KTV and other places of entertainment ,develop early or late Ding ,Zhang ,often a ,Section A ,Sun Mou ,coke as a core member ,formed gradually up to 40 more than person purchased a machete ,Guan Gong knife ,pickaxe handle ,fire guns and other weapons .
Members of the organization to a section of a ,brother member between .Since 2004, a total of some crime committing crimes against the victims of more than 70 ,more than 100 people,oppression ,persecution ,severely damaged the local economy ,social order .
The Jis court ,identified in section one ,the underworld crime charges .( reporter Liu Xiaoqun correspondent Sun Kang ) to share: welcome to comment I want to comment micro-blog recommended
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Mercedes drivers license drunk driving crash green workers cause

"Mercedes morning in green chemical industry 1 dead and 1 injured" tracking Benz accident man for undocumented drunk driving by two green worker was killed and another wounded the man has been detained wounded still in the treatment of both sides discussed the compensation the newspaper news (Nightline reported group of interns before any) yesterday, the A10 edition reported a Mercedes Benz car, rainy night in the outside lane green temporary operation area, causing green worker was killed and another wounded.
Reporter was informed today, the driver has been recognized by police for drunk driving without a license.Police confirmed to reporters yesterday morning, at two five in the morning, the people of Jilin Zhou driving a Beijing license plate Brown Mercedes Benz, in Dongzhimen near running from west to East, flying into the outside lane green construction zone.
Mercedes made holds the cones, will work in a workingwoman of flying.Women fly out of more than 20 meters after the fall, in a taxi, was killed on the spot.Another male sanitation workers in the accident was carded, left leg thigh fracture, were taken to hospital for treatment.
The police investigation to confirm, Mercedes owners is a female.The car's two men, is to borrow the car out for a female owner.In order to escape check, they will also be car licence do block.The police work, the driver Zhou yesterday in the morning to surrender.
This morning, reporters from the police was informed, Zhou blood alcohol content of 137.3 milligrams per deciliter.Zhou for drunk driving,Louboutin Pas cher, block the plate, driving without a license, has been detained by the police.
At present, the injured man is still undergoing treatment at the hospital, the green team has to pay for the medical expenses, and in the side and discuss compensation.To share: welcome to comment I want to comment | micro-blog recommended today micro-blog hot Hefei evening news average age is over 64 years old have collaborated with others in homes for the elderly in gang-raped a aged just 18 psychotic girl.
This occurred in the county a homes for the elderly in rape case was a local court sentenced.Court hearing,Louboutin Outlet, last September 21st at 9 a.m.,Christian Louboutin Outlet, Liu Qiang and the other defendants in the small town of Zhang Jun, having found a psychotic female Yang stood by the roadside.
So, the students will be a bad read, yang to homes for the elderly Liu Qiang living room.At about 8 that night, Liu Qiang, Zhang Jun called another man Liu Fu has on Yang implementation of rape.At the time of the murder, Liu Qiang of 68 years old and 61 year old Liu Fu lived in County Xiaoxu town big wei-field homes for the elderly.
A few days later, Yang family was found, described his own experience.Because of the face, Yang family until August of this year to the police.After the remembrance of the Anhui judicial identification of the victim identification,Christian Louboutin Pas cher, Yang asexual self-defense capability.
The opinion of the court, the defendant, Liu Fu Zhang Jun ganged up on Liu Qiang in knowing the victim is mentally retarded patients condition, take turns to have sex, three the defendant's act constitutes crime of rape.
In view of the three defendants arrested after the confession of the facts of the crime,Louboutin Ireland, in accordance with the law to punish leniently, a trial of three defendants were sentenced to 10 years imprisonment.
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